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For startups struggling to survive among millions, a good memorable name is one of the most important steps toward achieving success in any of their goals. Statistics show that 90 percent of all new internet businesses fail in the first 120 days. To avoid a failure it is very important to have a successful website name and as a first step a good domain name.  Here are some tips:

Think outside
A .com domain is still the preferred choice, but the million dollar (or $35.6 million spent for question is, for how long? In the earlier years perhaps it was just a matter of lack of good alternatives, but now with new TLDs becoming more readily available, it’s more a lack of awareness.

With new domain names ranging from .tech to .business, the choices are endless for startups. Now they can confidently obtain the name they want – not the one they settled with because their first choice was not available.

A new TLD is often just a natural fit: take the example of ‘Lily’, the world’s first self-flying camera drone. ‘Lily’ could refer to the flowering plant, a common first name, or a small town, and its .com is registered by Lily Transportation Corp. Therefore, the Menlo Park robotics startup behind this drone used a simple, elegant domain to disambiguate its product –

Choose a short, memorable and intriguing name

Any website address that is too long runs the risk of a company’s clients and customers forgetting what the URL to their site is. Instead, choose shorter names that people can easily type out or name drop into conversations are preferred.

Again, this can expand beyond just the .com. Celebrities have also adopted this philosophy and are selecting TLDs that greatly aid in awareness of their personal brands, products and even philanthropic efforts.

Virat Kohli, an Indian cricket superstar with more than 21 million Facebook followers, has his first ever website on a new TLD, Kanye West used for the debut of his Adidas collaboration set, and Lady Gaga’s non-profit organization Born This Way Foundation switched from to

Don’t be a copycat

Avoid domain names that are too similar to other companies. Also make sure that the name you select is not already copyrighted. You cannot use an unclaimed new TLD if the name is copyrighted.

To put it simply, do your research and familiarize yourself with names that might be too close to the new domain name you had in mind. According toSedo, 32 percent of companies rename products due to domain name unavailability. Having a unique name eliminates the possibility of driving your clients and customers to someone else’s website.

Think about you audience and brand

How does your target audience identify with your brand? What words do they use to describe you? General Motors recently launched; aside from its primary domain, which highlights its many sustainability initiatives such as energy efficiency, waste reduction and greener vehicles.

With new TLDs, websites can now complement a brand’s social media and branding strategies to create new business opportunities.

Make it discoverable

Good and legitimate content on any webpage leads to high search engine ranking and conversion. Other memorable and more meaningful domain names show a similar trend. Identify a few keywords that work for your brand and then incorporate them into potential domain names.

An example of making a site discoverable comes from Seth Godin. His latest book is not on a .com or any legacy or ‘old’ domain extension. It’s on a new TLD. The top Google result upon searching for ‘your turn’ is his page – Seth could have shelled out $85,000 for acquiring, but aside from saving a cool $84,989 bucks, he also established himself as someone who is knowledgeable about new developments in tech and the Internet namespace.

Source: Thenextweb

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